The Gentleman’s Guide to Luxury Toys

A  super-wealthy gentleman has the means to buy whatever he  likes “and often will. From luxury yachts to aircrafts , here’s a look at some of the top luxury toys money can buy… Billionaire’s...

A  super-wealthy gentleman has the means to buy whatever he  likes “and often will.

From luxury yachts to aircrafts , here’s a look at some of the top luxury toys money can buy…

Billionaire’s Club Luxury Garage


Sneak Peek of the billionaire’s  club garage.

Luxurious yacht PROJECT MAGNITUDE by Opalinski designs

Based on the original Y700 Oceanco Series, Project Magnitude is a 90m superyacht concept, combining innovation with intelligent and functional design. With the impressive series of Oceanco  Luxury Yachts in the Y700 series such as the Y707 and the Y708, comes a new, natural design from Lukasz Opalinski. Project Magnitude is a yacht which exemplifies the innovation of superyacht design whilst maintaining the performance envelope of technical and operational feasibility.

Jet Aviation’s Timeless to Visionary

TIMELESS TO VISIONARY is the theme of two cabin interior designs for wide-body aircraft created by the Jet Aviation Basel Design Studio.
The designs are meant to inspire customers by contrasting classic and futuristic
cabin interior creations. Taking two floor plans of similar layout, the Jet Aviation Design Studio developed two very unique design approaches to illustrate the journey in creating classic, timeless designs to more visionary design concepts that may provide a glimpse into the future of cabin interior design, particularly as aircraft manufacturers increasingly introduce lightweight airframes of composite structures.

eleMMent Palazzo ‘ The Mobile Millionaire Mansion’

The eleMMent palazzo Superior is our top-of-the-line model that has been recognized in over 190 countries as the most luxurious and, without doubt, the most outstanding motorhome to-date. Its design speaks for itself, combining design features from the worlds of motor-sports, aviation and yachting to create a singular masterpiece.

ICON A5 Development

Art meets aviation.The inherent function of every feature is expressed through its design. It’s why the  ICON A5 looks as dynamic as the experience it delivers.

ICON Aircraft’s mission is to bring the freedom, fun, and adventure of flying to all who have dreamed of flight.

BMW 328 Hommage

Unveiled at Villa d’Este, the 328 Hommage is constructed using carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) as used in the M3 and M6, which is lighter than aluminium but stronger. The shape is all wedge-shaped Teutonicness housing a 3.0-litre straight-six of unspecified vintage. BMW makes this in a variety of flavours, so we’d like to assume it’s the 340bhp turbo’d sixer from the 1M coupe…

Jet-Lev Flyer McQueen

The JETLEV-FLYER employs a powerful 4-stroke engine and water nozzle reaction force to achieve stable, controlled flight. The unique design helps to make flight controls very simple, light and intuitive. It can accommodate pilots of 1,50 – 2,00 m in height and 40 – 150 kg in weight. A digital fly-by-wire system is used to control the throttle. For safety and performance we only use high quality materials and workmanship in manufacturing.

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