5 Good Reasons To Learn How to Ride A Motorcycle

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Admit it. We’re sure at one point of your life, it crossed your mind to learn how to ride a bike. Most likely after seeing a hot girl climb on the back of a ninja bike or watching a cool action movie. You started dreaming it was you on the front seat.

Still got that need for speed? Not a problem. Strap on your helmet (safety first!) and check out these five good reasons to ride a motorcycle:

#1. You Can Carry A Sexy Passenger

#2. You Can Ignore Gravity… No Seat Belts Required

#3. It Doesn’t Have To Be A Motorcycle… Even A Pedal Bike Can Get You Noticed..

#4. You Can Ride In Your Underwear..

#5. Become So Good And Learn Ninja Tricks… And Show Off To Your Friends

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