Nicole Thorne : Exclusive Interview

Meet international Australian model Nicole Thorne .  In this brief TEASE LIFESTYLE interview, the stunning australian native shares her favorite celeb,  food weakness, and what personality traits she finds...
Nicole Thorne

Meet international Australian model Nicole Thorne .  In this brief TEASE LIFESTYLE interview, the stunning australian native shares her favorite celeb,  food weakness, and what personality traits she finds attractive in a man…

Nicole Thorne

About  me :  I feel like I’m a pretty down to earth person, easy to get a long with, I’m into fairly alternative things, including clothes, music, entertainment. I can be fairly confident but only if I know I’m right haha.

Tease Lifestyle : Any nicknames?

Nicole Thorne : I get nik, col, more recently cole cole haha.

Tease Lifestyle : What’s your nationality and background? Where’d you grow up?

Nicole Thorne :  I grew up in Australia, most of my heritage is English, and i have recently found out my great grandmother was from NZ

Tease Lifestyle :  Interesting mix 🙂

Nicole Thorne

Tease Lifestyle : What got you interested in modeling ?

Nicole Thorne :   It started when friends were asking me to be a coat hanger for their small brands and personal projects, and I guess it just caught on from there. I do like meeting new people and seeing brands grow, and I guess that’s what keeps me interested.

Tease Lifestyle : Are you single or taken?

Nicole Thorne : Taken, sorry guys 🙂

Nicole Thorne

Tease Lifestyle : What’s the best way for a guy to your attention?

Nicole Thorne :  For them to show genuine interest in my life and what I’m interested in.

Tease Lifestyle :  What’s something that you think guys are messing up on in the world of dating?

Nicole Thorne :I’m not overly judgemental, I don’t think guys are messing up dating, I think everyone has their flaws and relationship problems have been around a lot longer then we can imagine.

Nicole Thorne

Tease Lifestyle : So what activities do you do to keep in shape?

Nicole Thorne :  I joined the gym in January, but I have always lacked motivation, I prefer to eat well than get sweaty haha.

Tease Lifestyle : That makes sense 😀

Tease Lifestyle : You must eat well, yes? Or is food your weakness? What’s your fav foods or meal?

Nicole Thorne : I try to eat mostly well, but pizza is a weakness 100%.

Nicole Thorne

Tease Lifestyle :  What are your thoughts on a guy who can cook?

Nicole Thorne :  I love a man that can cook, I don’t even care what it is.  I think it’s more the thought that counts for me.

Tease Lifestyle :  Remember Gents. Food is her weakness 🙂

Tease Lifestyle :  Why do girls go to the washroom in pairs? What the hell do you talk about?

Nicole Thorne :   Haha, I think sometimes we just don’t want to lose each other or have to talk to other people awkwardly on the way to and from, also you may possibly need someone to hold your bag.

Nicole Thorne

Tease Lifestyle : About guys: 1) Brain  2) Bank balance and 3) Below the belt…Does size really matter? And what’s most important for you?

Nicole Thorne : Brain, in terms of someone who can think for themselves is important. I don’t like a sheep or really modest pushovers, I suppose bank and below the belt are both all about how you use it, you can be rich and well endowed but if your buying/doing the wrong things, you’re not going to make anyone happy.

Tease Lifestyle : Which celebrity is your ideal body/looks type ?

Nicole Thorne : I’m a die hard Megan Fox fan.

Nicole Thorne

Tease Lifestyle : How can a man make a woman feel sexy?

Nicole Thorne :   TELL HER SHE IS!

Tease Lifestyle :  What is the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you ?

Nicole Thorne : My current boyfriend learns song I like on acoustic, and I am a sucker for acoustic songs.

Tease Lifestyle :  When meeting a guy for the first time, what’s one of your biggest turn offs?

Nicole Thorne :  Talking about themselves too much or ex’s.

Tease Lifestyle :  Haha definitely something to add on what not to do list.

Nicole Thorne

Tease Lifestyle : What two personality traits do you find most attractive in a man?

Nicole Thorne : Humour & Honesty, Nothing worse than a brat or a smart-ass.

Tease Lifestyle : What’s next on your agenda? Anything you’re working on or gigs coming up?

Nicole Thorne :   I have a few great photo shoots and opportunities coming up, so watch this space.

Tease Lifestyle :  How do we find you online/ social media?

Nicole Thorne

You can follow me on Instagram – @nicolethorne or snapchat – same username!

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