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Babe of the Month (June 2016)

Meet Melanie Pavola, an internationally published glamour & fitness model from Mexico. In this brief TEASE LIFESTYLE interview the stunning Mexican hottie shares her food obsessions, how she stays in shape, and what she finds extremely  attractive in a man.

Photo Credits : @elhartista

Tease Lifestyle: Any nicknames?

Melanie Pavola :  “Black Mamba Pavola”,  Just kidding 🙂 Call me Melanie.

Tease Lifestyle: Haha . Sounds like a street fighter name!

Tease Lifestyle: Your Favorite Quote ?

Melanie Pavola : Find your passion and do what you love.

Tease Lifestyle: What’s your nationality and background? Where’d you grow up?

Melanie Pavola : I’m from Monterrey, México.It was really difficult growing up as a child, since I had no dad. My mom left  when I was 7 years old and I started working at a really young age. That’s how I developed certain values and  really respect life.

Tease Lifestyle: What got you interested in modeling and acting ?

Melanie Pavola : I always been interested in modeling and also becoming an actress.

Tease Lifestyle: So what activities do you do to keep in shape?

Melanie Pavola: I try a lot of different activities to challenge myself and stay in shape.  Right now,  I’m doing yoga, jujitsu, boxing, mixed martial marts , muay thai, mountain climbing , wake boarding  , surfing   and also  occasionally  working out in the gym.

Tease Lifestyle: Wow! You are superactive! It must be hard to keep up 😀

Tease Lifestyle:You must eat well, yes? Or is food your weakness? What’s your fav foods or meal?

Melanie Pavola:   I love food… eating is my favorite part of the day. , I like to eat everything but I especially love eating healthy food (salads, proteins). And my weakness? Chocolate.

Tease Lifestyle: What are your thoughts on a guy who can cook?

Melanie Pavola: I don’t cook that much. So definitely, it’s really great when a guy cooks .

Tease Lifestyle: Describe YOUR cooking skills?

Melanie Pavola: I can cook mexican food! My best dishes are the ones you can only find in mexican homes and not in local restaurants.

Tease Lifestyle: Why do girls go to the washroom in pairs? What the hell do you talk about?

Melanie Pavola: We talk about, how to conquer the world 😀

Tease Lifestyle: Are you single or taken?

Melanie Pavola: I’m  single

Tease Lifestyle: Describe one really crazy experience?

Melanie Pavola: When I went to París. I was alone And I asked this guy, how go to the tourist places. He ended up being my tour guide haha!

Tease Lifestyle: Below the belt… Does size really matter? And what’s most important for you?

Melanie Pavola: The size matter for sure. I find guys with intelligence extremely sexy. It’s a big plus if he is also charming, confident and funny.

Tease Lifestyle: Would you rather date a handsome poor guy or a rich ugly guy?

Melanie Pavola:  I don’t care if his handsome or have money. Just no stupid guys please 🙂

Tease Lifestyle: What’s something that you think guys are missing these days?

Melanie Pavola: A real gentleman is hard to find these days.

Tease Lifestyle: Which celebrity is your ideal body/looks type ?

Melanie Pavola: Tom hardy, I love you 🙂

Tease Lifestyle: Why do good girls like dating “bad boys?”

Melanie Pavola: Bad boys?  Most good girls,  love dating  bad boys. Since they are fearless, unpredictable, a lot of  fun and they do whatever they please without caring about others opinions.

Tease Lifestyle: When do you feel sexiest?

Melanie Pavola: I feel sexy when I’m dancing, I love dancing especially with my friends.

Tease Lifestyle: Do you have any  tips that will help a guy improve his chances with you?

Melanie Pavola: If he is into sports, and knows how to walk into a room. Women can tell right away when a man has confidence even from the way he walks and talks.

Tease Lifestyle: Most guys don’t dress well… Do you have any appearance or style tips?

Melanie :  A guy with a suit on is always sexy, and also when dressing up casual with some hoodies or a pair of jordans.

Tease Lifestyle: Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years? How will life be different?

Melanie  :  I wanna live in another country out of México. And be able to work with a lot of different brands. I also want to get into acting. We will see what the future will bring 🙂

Tease Lifestyle: What’s next on your agenda? Anything you’re working on or gigs coming up?

Melanie  : I will be featured in several magazines in México. There is also alot of   scheduled photoshoots, collaborations with some comedians to make some funny videos, and helping out on a health & nutrition blog by giving some tips.

Tease Lifestyle:  It’s been a pleasure Miss Melanie. It was a really fun interview.

Melanie  : Thanks so much! Big hugs and kisses to the people that always support me.

Photo Credits : @elhartista

Tease Lifestyle: How do we find you online/ social media?

Melanie Pavola :

Instagram: melaniepavola

Twitter: melaniepavola 

Facebook: pavolamelanie 

Snapchat: pavolamelanie

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