Lauren Luongo : The Sexy Unreleased Interview

Meet internationally published model Lauren Luongo.  In this brief TEASE LIFESTYLE interview the stunning italian & portuguese native shares how she got started in modeling, her food obsessions, and what personality traits...

Meet internationally published model Lauren Luongo.  In this brief TEASE LIFESTYLE interview the stunning italian & portuguese native shares how she got started in modeling, her food obsessions, and what personality traits she finds attractive in a man…


Age : 19 years old

Tease Lifestyle: How would you describe yourself in few words?

Lauren  Luongo : Confident, charismatic, intelligent, motivated, industrious, discerning.

Tease Lifestyle :  Any nicknames?

Lauren  Luongo : Barbie, and variations such as “Barbs”

Tease Lifestyle : How did you get that nickname?

Lauren  Luongo : Because of my uncanny resemblance to a Barbie doll. I walked into high school and on the first day, the seniors decided that my name would be “Barbie”. It’s stuck ever since, I was rarely referred to as Lauren throughout high school.


Tease Lifestyle : What’s your nationality and background? Where’d you grow up?

Lauren  Luongo : I am Italian and Portuguese. I grew up in Connecticut.

Tease Lifestyle : What got you interested in modeling or fashion?

Lauren  Luongo : I’ve always been fond of beauty, photos,  and dressing up so I suppose it was a natural progression.

Tease Lifestyle : How long have you been doing modeling?

Lauren  Luongo :  5 years.

Tease Lifestyle :  What’s your most favorite location you ever did a shoot at?

Lauren  Luongo : Palomino Island in Puerto Rico

Tease Lifestyle :  So what activities do you do to keep in shape?

Lauren  Luongo : I have a personal trainer. Aside from meeting with my trainer, I take step classes and jog.

Tease Lifestyle : You must eat well, yes? Or is food your weakness? What’s your fav foods or meal?

Lauren  Luongo : I eat extremely clean and my cheat days over the span of a year can be counted on one hand. My go to meal would be a salad with EVO and red wine vinegar and grilled shrimp on top. Then a rib eye cooked medium rare and a sweet potato.


Tease Lifestyle : What are your thoughts on a guy who can cook?

Lauren  Luongo :   It doesn’t really matter to me. It’s a nice skill to have but not essential.

Tease Lifestyle : Why do girls go to the washroom in pairs? What the hell do you talk about?

Lauren  Luongo :  You’d be surprised how little we talk about. It’s just a system. Do your business, blot your face, fix your lipgloss, take a selfie together, and return to the rest of the party.

Tease Lifestyle :  Are you single or taken?

Lauren  Luongo :  Single

Tease Lifestyle :  What’s the best way for a guy to your attention?

Lauren  Luongo : As they say in the hunger games, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Tease Lifestyle :  What’s something that you think guys are messing up on in the world of dating ?

Lauren  Luongo : Chivalry.


Tease Lifestyle : If you were on a date, what are 3 things you’d want a guy to be able to talk about?

Lauren  Luongo : Whatever it is that they’re interested in. I find conversations to be the most engaging when the person whom you’re conversing with is invested in the topic.

Tease Lifestyle : Which celebrity is your ideal body/looks type ?

Lauren  Luongo : At the risk of sounding like Rae Sremmurd, “I ain’t got no type”. There are so many factors that play into creating the entire package of a person that one specific trait won’t make you an all around attractive person.

Tease Lifestyle :  Why do good girls like dating “bad boys?”

Lauren  Luongo : Because they lack the mental acuity to see that the “bad boy” is a poor choice.

Tease Lifestyle :  When meeting a guy for the first time, what’s one of your biggest turn offs?

Lauren  Luongo : Being presumptuous or aggressive.

Tease Lifestyle : You meet a guy for the first time. What do you notice first?

Lauren  Luongo : How the person interacts with me. You attempt to catch the essence of the person’s personality so you can ascertain whether or not you even like this person as a friend. I keep a very small circle so romance aside, I am very selective about whom I deem a friend, so you can imagine I would be even more hypercritical when surveying potential romantic interests.


Tease Lifestyle :  Most guys don’t dress well… Do you have any appearance or style tips that will help a guy improve his chances with you?

Lauren  Luongo :  Really? I didn’t notice. All the males around me are very well put together. I don’t have any specific style tips because of the fact that there are so many styles. Everyone has their own. Whether you’re couture, preppy, athletic, or edgy, just make sure your style is well executed.

Tease Lifestyle :  What do you think a guy should wear that makes him look super hot?

Lauren  Luongo :  As I said previously, everyone has their own look so it’s best to play off of that.

Tease Lifestyle :  What two personality traits do you find most attractive in a man?

Lauren  Luongo :  Confidence and respectfulness.

Tease Lifestyle : There you have it gents and thanks Ms. Lauren.  Stay tuned and check out her social media feeds.


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