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Meet international import model Jenny Lam .  In this brief TEASE LIFESTYLE interview, the stunning Cambodian & Chinese native shares her food weakness, and what personality traits she finds attractive in a man… Jennifer...
jenny lam

Meet international import model Jenny Lam .  In this brief TEASE LIFESTYLE interview, the stunning Cambodian & Chinese native shares her food weakness, and what personality traits she finds attractive in a man…

Jenny Lam

Jennifer Lam, 23

Tease Lifestyle : How would you describe yourself in few sentence?

Jenny Lam : “That tall Asian girl :)”

Tease Lifestyle : Any nicknames?

Jenny Lam : Jenny, Jen… my name is too long? haha

Tease Lifestyle : Where are you from originally ?

Jenny Lam : Cambodian Chinese with a little bit of Viet.

Tease Lifestyle : That’s an interesting mix.

Jenny Lam

Tease Lifestyle :  Are you single or taken?

Jenny Lam : Single.

Tease Lifestyle : What’s the best way for a guy to your attention?

Jenny Lam : A nice smile, handsome face, and some muscles!

Tease Lifestyle : What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?

Jenny Lam :  I recently got one in my messages “Do you have a map because I got lost in your body”.

Tease Lifestyle :  😀

Tease Lifestyle : What’s something that you think guys are messing up on in the world of dating ?

Jenny Lam :   Working their way in and being a gentleman. I feel like guys in this generation forget what it’s like to act like a real gentleman.

Jenny Lam

Tease Lifestyle :  What got you interested in modeling or fashion?

Jenny Lam : It all started in high school when we had this “model club” and I was that girl in the posters in the hallways.

Tease Lifestyle :  Instant fame  is always good 😀

Tease Lifestyle : What’s your secret in keeping in shape ?

Jenny Lam : I am an avid tea drinker and I go to the gym 5-6 days a week.

Tease Lifestyle : You must eat well, yes? Or is food your weakness? What’s your fav foods or meal?

Jenny Lam : NO WAY! I love food and I’m Asian so major of my meals include rice! I love Italian food and of course, any foods Asian (nothing in specific, I’m not too picky 🙂

Jenny Lam

Tease Lifestyle :  What are your thoughts on a guy who can cook?

Jenny Lam : SUPER HOT! If a guy can cook, I am set for life lol !

Tease Lifestyle : Okay gents.. It’s time to start learning how to cook.

Tease Lifestyle :  Describe YOUR cooking skills?

Jenny Lam : My cooking skills? Well, I’m not great at cooking food like my mom but I sure can make some really good spaghetti! Haha.

Tease Lifestyle :  Why do girls go to the washroom in pairs? What the hell do you talk about?

Jenny Lam : HAHA! I go with my girls because I don’t want to bombarded by perverted guys. Talk about? I usually have small talk like “Are you having fun?” haha… I’m focused on trying to get in the toilet!

Jenny Lam

Tease Lifestyle :  What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? Describe.

Jenny Lam :  Hm, I remember going on a date with this guys who was a complete stoner. He was SUPER high and he managed to drop his whole plate of food on floor and everyone saw and I was so embarrassed.

Tease Lifestyle :  Ouch.

Tease Lifestyle :  Describe one really crazy experience?

Jenny Lam :  Crazy? The closest to crazy date I’ve had was when I met this guy through a mutual friend and we went from eating to drinking a lot of beers. We ended up at a bar and his ex-girlfriend was there and she came up to us and told her ex-boyfriend (my date) that she wanted a threesome. Haha?

Jenny Lam

Tease Lifestyle : About guys:
1) Brain 
2) Bank balance and 
3) Below the belt… 
Does size really matter? And what’s most important for you?

Jenny Lam : 1) Just please be smarter than me. I don’t want to have to feel like I’m dating some imbecile.

2) I want a man to be able to support himself with his own money. He doesn’t need to be filthy rich but definitely not broke and can’t afford to buy me a small meal.

3) Size? To me, it doesn’t matter. As long as you know how to move those hips then that’s all that matters to me.

Jenny Lam

Tease Lifestyle : Why do good girls like dating “bad boys?”

Jenny Lam :  Because bad boys are “out there” they are matured, have experience, and their mindset makes us ladies feel young, wild, and free when we are with them.

Tease Lifestyle : When meeting a guy for the first time, what’s one of your biggest turn offs?

Jenny Lam : If your teeth looks yellow or if you don’t smell good.

Tease Lifestyle :  Tip of the day… Brush your teeth and shower before a date haha!

Jenny Lam

Tease Lifestyle :  What’s the best way for a guy to keep you interested?

Jenny Lam :  If a guy can present himself confidently (with a nice smile) and have an intellectual conversation with me then I am hooked.

Tease Lifestyle : What two personality traits do you find most attractive in a man?

Jenny Lam :  Humorous and Responsible

Tease Lifestyle : Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years? How will life be different? 3-5 years?

Jenny Lam :   In Pharmacy school and having a nice car living on my own with money saved up enough to travel.

Tease Lifestyle :  What’s next on your agenda? Anything you’re working on or gigs coming up?

Jenny Lam : I have something up my sleeve for my modeling career and you’ll just have to wait and for my comeback. I plan to have a total transformation.

Jenny Lam

How do we find you online/ social media?

Instagram: @thejennylam

Twitter: @_thejennylam

Snapchat: thejennylam

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