Cassie V: The Sexy Unreleased Interview

Meet Cassie V, an international model  who  recently has been heating up the import modeling scene.  In this brief TEASE LIFESTYLE interview, the stunning Vietnamese native shares her food weakness, and...

Meet Cassie V, an international model  who  recently has been heating up the import modeling scene.  In this brief TEASE LIFESTYLE interview, the stunning Vietnamese native shares her food weakness, and what she finds attractive in a man and why we can’t get enough of her in instagram.

cassie v

Tease Lifestyle : Full name and age?

Cassie Vo, 20

Tease Lifestyle :  How would you describe yourself in few sentence?

Cassie V : Spontaneous, fun, wise

Tease Lifestyle :  Any nicknames?

Cassie V : Bunny

Tease Lifestyle : How did you get that nickname?

Cassie V : I think because of my bubbly personality, so my friends gave me that nickname, also, I have chubby cheeks. Haha


Tease Lifestyle : What’s your nationality and background? Where’d you grow up?

Cassie V : I’m vietnamese, and part taiwanese. I was born in VietNam and came here when I was in middle school.

Tease Lifestyle :  What got you interested in modeling or fashion?

Cassie V :  Just felt like expressing my feelings through photos/videos, at first it would just for fun, though I was getting good reviews and that’s how everything started.

Tease Lifestyle : So what’s your secret to keeping in shape?

Cassie V : I try to stay active and go to the gym often.

Tease Lifestyle : You must eat well, yes? Or is food your weakness? What’s your fav foods or meal?

Cassie V : I love food! especially spicy dishes, I can eat really spicy. I like japanese, korean bbq, vietnamese, burmese is pretty good too. I would say most likely Asian Fusion cuisine. oh, and I love seafood. I like it raw, haha.

Tease Lifestyle : What are your thoughts on a guy who can cook?

Cassie V : That’s amazing, hard to find nowadays. He might be a keeper;)

Tease Lifestyle :  Remember gents. Food is her weakness 😀

Tease Lifestyle : Describe YOUR cooking skills?

Cassie V : I try to cook more often and learn recipes online helps a lot, when I cook usually I would say I put my heart into it so I make sure that the food would be near perfection, lol.


Tease Lifestyle : Are you single or taken?

Cassie V : I’m single

Tease Lifestyle : About guys:1) Brain 2) Bank balance and  3) Below the belt…

Does size really matter? And what’s most important for you?

Cassie V : I would honestly say size isn’t #1 factor, but what’s tricky is how long can you go for…  that’s what important to me, I don’t want a “party pooper” hahaha.

Tease Lifestyle : Describe one really crazy experience?

Cassie V : On one of my friend’s birthday, we were on our way home after a night of partying, all of us were drunk, ended up crossing the US border and we kind of woke up in Mexico… Hahahah, I know, that’s too crazy, let’s not go there…

Tease Lifestyle : Why do girls go to the washroom in pairs? What the hell do you talk about?

Cassie V :  I think it’s just a girl thing, going to the washroom together is more fun hahaha, plus, we gossips.


Tease Lifestyle : What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? Describe.

Cassie V :  I was kind of getting to know this guy, and we decided to go on a double date, with another couple was also our friends. It was awkward because I guess our personalities was too different. He was shy I guess, but stayed quiet, for most of the time. And to me, not being able to light up conversations, is quite a turn off. I told him that I was turned off and maybe we were better at just friends,.. I know, haha, I’m too “blunt” sometimes, I couldn’t even wait until after I get home, and give him a “sorry” call or something.

Tease Lifestyle :  Brutal, but it’s neccessary 😛

Tease Lifestyle :  What’s the best way for a guy to get your attention?

Cassie V : Have a sense of humour and crack a joke, make me laugh, that’s attractive. No criticism, or sarcasm though.


Tease Lifestyle : What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?

Cassie V : Personally, I’m not into corny pickup lines, would rather see actions. 🙂

Tease Lifestyle : Would you rather date a handsome poor guy or a rich ugly guy?

Cassie V : How about date a guy that has same ambitions, and goals? We can always build an empire together. Looks isn’t the first priority to me.

Tease Lifestyle : What’s something that you think guys are messing up on in the world of dating?

Cassie V : Lack of communication, mind games, and everyone gets so caught up in their own world, thus they don’t really nurture the relationship.


Tease Lifestyle :  Which celebrity is your ideal body/looks type ?

Cassie V : I love Megan Fox, she’s the only woman besides my mom I’d look up to. Sexy, smart, playful, straight forward.. It’s her personality too that’s straight killing it.

Tease Lifestyle :  Why do good girls like dating “bad boys?”

Cassie V : I think it’s the thrill, and a relationship with a bad boy could be very exciting.

Tease Lifestyle : When meeting a guy for the first time, what’s one of your biggest turn offs?

Cassie V : If he acts like he can’t really handle himself around people then it’s a no go for me. Confidence is a must.

Tease Lifestyle : What’s the best way for a guy to approach you and start a conversation?

Cassie V : I like strong minded men, wise, that knows how to have fun. Best way to approach me isn’t hard, just come at me with a smile and light up a fun conversation. Which topic he choose to talk about will determine what’s next.


Tease Lifestyle : You meet a guy for the first time. What do you notice first?

Cassie V :  His style, then his smile

Tease Lifestyle : Do you think its possible for a woman to have platonic male friends?

Cassie V :  Absolute. I feel like every girl would have at least one close guy friend, that she would tell everything to, haha. Not to mention hanging out with guys actually a lot more simple, and fun!

Cassie V : Fun Video Shoot

Tease Lifestyle :  Most guys don’t dress well… Do you have any appearance or style tips that will help a guy improve his chances with you?

Cassie V :  Should keep it simple, neat and fresh, plus some of that swag. I don’t like guys that dress too clumsy, neither the ones that dress like they’re going to red carpet events everytime.

Tease Lifestyle : What two personality traits do you find most attractive in a man?

Cassie V : Generous, leaderly

Tease Lifestyle : Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years? How will life be different?

Cassie V : Some kind of small business owner. Self-employed. Will definitely having my own brand for sure.

Tease Lifestyle : Beauty + Brains = Boss Lady haha


Tease Lifestyle : What’s next on your agenda? Anything you’re working on or gigs coming up?

Cassie V : I’m going to Australia in mid June, for the very first time. Meet and greets, seeing my Australian fans & supporters. I will be visiting both cities Adelaide and Melbourne for clubs hosting. . Exciting things are coming I cannot wait!

Tease Lifestyle : There you have it gents. An exclusive interview with the sexy Cassie V. I’m sure we will be seeing more from her soon.

Cassie V :  Thank you guys for the feature and thanks to everyone for the support !! Love you all xoxox


Tease Lifestyle :  How do we find you online/ social media?

Cassie V :  You can find me at:

Oh, and you can visit my online store at! (Posters are sold occasionally, and usually limited)

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