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Mixed Japanese/ Irish Import Hottie – Brittany Murata reveals a little more how she got started, what’s she’s working on this year and some useful tips for men.

Stay tuned gentleman..

Full Name: Brittany Murata

Tease Lifestyle: Any nicknames?

Brittany Murata: Brit the hit, BMUR (like a BMW), B, Blazinasian the list goes on and on haha..

Tease Lifestyle: How did you get that nickname?

Brittany Murata: They’ve just come up with different people I’ve worked with. Loved ones call me B. Stands for “Queen Bee” nah jk

Tease Lifestyle: What’s your nationality and background? Where’d you grow up?

Brittany Murata: I’m half Japanese and half Caucasian so Irish, a quarter Italian and German.

Tease Lifestyle: What got you interested in modeling or fashion?

Brittany Murata: I’ve modeled professionally for 8 years now, I’m getting more into acting as well. Fashion is cool but if I like something I’ll work it regardless. I believe fashion is about making it your own!

Tease Lifestyle: So what activities do you do to keep in shape?

Brittany Murata: Well I’m a gym rat hardcore since last year, I’m like 12% body fat and cut when I need too. Plus I play co-ed soccer for Rec and competitive teams. I’ve played soccer for at least 14 years.

Tease Lifestyle:  You must eat well, yes? Or is food your weakness? What’s your fav foods or meal?

Brittany Murata: Absolutely have to eat well, that’s half the battle when being fit. But yes I still enjoy my cheats days when I can stuff my face with what I want lol Big foodie, I love good food so it’s definitely hard sometimes. I can see a huge difference in gains when I get clean, how else do you think I got lean and mean?? Haha

Tease Lifestyle: What are your thoughts on a guy who can cook?

Brittany Murata: You are kidding? Who doesn’t love a man that can cook? If he cooks, I always clean 😉

Tease Lifestyle: What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? Describe.

Brittany Murata: I haven’t really dated much. The people I’ve dated I’ve known for awhile. If I ever do go on a bad date I’d probably make it as fun as possible and just be my charming yet witty self! Haha

Tease Lifestyle: Why do good girls like dating “bad boys?”

Brittany Murata:Because it’s a hot favor to them. I don’t like a total bad ass because then their ego gets in the way and I’m already alpha so we’d butt heads too much. And let’s be honest, I don’t need anymore headaches lol

Tease Lifestyle: When meeting a guy for the first time, what’s one of your biggest turn offs?

Brittany Murata: If he smoked or uses drugs. I’m a big health nut now so people’s lifestyles are a huge favor to me. I’ve bartended for a longtime so seeing what alcohol does to people is nothing more than a better reason not too. I feel like people act like just because they were intoxicated that “it’s ok” to be an idiot, no it really isn’t. I would never date a guy who’s goes out all the time.

Tease Lifestyle: What’s the best way for a guy to approach or grab your attention?

Brittany Murata: Well not in the damn gym, I hate getting bothered when I’m in the gym. Hit on the girl who’s just staring at herself in the mirror at the gym. I’m sweating my ass off, does it look like I’m trying to talk to people? No, I’m focused and doing work unlike you lol  .Just don’t approach me at all, I’m picky and I’ll pick you apart as soon as you speak to me lol

Tease Lifestyle: What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?

Brittany Murata: “What’s heaven like? Because you’re like an angel sent from God.” Bhaha I died laughing and walked away.

Tease Lifestyle: What’s something that you think guys are messing up on in the world of dating?

Brittany Murata: Well they’re doing everything wrong so that’s pretty hard to fix haha so I not exactly sure. Like I said earlier, don’t try so hard to impress. People will be impressed naturally if you’re just a good hearted person.

Tease Lifestyle: Which celebrity is your ideal body/looks type?

Brittany Murata: I like athletic body types so MMA fighters bodies are usually pretty fit. Not a total meat head but built is hot. Looks aren’t everything though!

Tease Lifestyle: Would you rather date a handsome poor guy or a rich ugly guy?

Brittany Murata: Well I’ve dated all but the rich but the wealthy people I’ve met are kind of d bags and act like their shit doesn’t stink! I rather be within someone who’s in between and just a really good guy but we all know that’s hard to find haha a girl can dream!

Tease Lifestyle: You meet a guy for the first time. What do you notice first?

Brittany Murata: Well what anyone notices, looks. And if they keep up with themselves. If you workout that’s a huge plus! You have to be able to toss me around a bit!

Tease Lifestyle: Most guys don’t dress well… Do you have any appearance or style tips that will help a guy improve his chances with you?

Brittany Murata: Yes appearance is a major favor, a sense of style is good but not of you’re too metro.

I’d stay look at magazines, ads or online. I think express ads are a great tool for men and affordable, fresh style for men!! Can’t go wrong with nice jeans and a button up.

Tease Lifestyle: What two personality traits do you find most attractive in a man?

Brittany Murata: A great personality will win me over, have to Beatle to get my sense of humor and joke around. I’m a home body so it’s cool to go out for dinner and a movie sometimes but if we have to be out and about everyday, that will get old for me quick. He has to be down to earth and street smart. Good vibes!!

Tease Lifestyle: Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years? How will life be different?

Brittany Murata: Honestly, I don’t plan that far ahead. What works best for me is take things day at a time. Getting to far ahead of myself is nothing but stressful. I have a rough plan that’s all the guidence I need. But I have a youthful look and do well at working in four stars year around so settling down really isn’t in the deck of cards at this point. That includes popping out any babies anytime soon, I work too hard for this body lol

Tease Lifestyle: What’s next on your agenda? Anything you’re working on or gigs coming up?

Brittany Murata: I have WSOP (World Series of Poker) in Vegas coming up that’s a pretty big event. More car shows in Cali as well. We’ll see! I have a lot in the works but a lot of the time stuff falls through so I’m not one to get my hopes up. Stay tuned!!

Tease Lifestyle: How do we find you online/ social media?

Brittany Murata: Just type in my name Brittany Murata and you’ll find me on any social media, follow me! Thank you xoxoxo

Tease Lifestyle:  Thank you Ms. Brittany for the exclusive interview. There you have it gents…

Brittany Murata: I also want to thank you guys for the feature and thanks to everyone for always reading!! Love you all xoxox Many thanks to the photographers involved for the images as well!

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