Evolution of Lingerie in 3 Minutes

Since dawn of time, women have been men’s sexual fantasy.

Of course, the invention of lingerie just took it to another level..

It’s quite a tease, revealing just enough for your imagination. Sometimes, in this crazy internet of ours, you stumble across videos that make you stop what you’re doing and stare with unflinching focus at your monitor. We stumbled upon such video for your viewing pleasure. Mode.com has taken it upon themselves to deliver 100 years of lingerie fashion history, as depicted by a lovely underwear model. Sexy and educational.

Watch 100 Years of Linger in 3 Minutes..


But it’s not just interesting—it’s historically accurate. We get a good look at what was considered alluring through the decades, complete with culturally appropriate outfits representing the ’60s.  Most importantly, the end of the video makes a nod to all different shapes and sizes of women, underscoring that sexy is in the eye of the beholder.

For the inventors of lingerie, we salute thee..

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