The 12 Hottest Movies in 2016

Every year a new flood of movies are released, some awesome and some not so awesome. Each movie is a chance for fame, money, and celebrity status. This year is no...
suicide squad

Every year a new flood of movies are released, some awesome and some not so awesome. Each movie is a chance for fame, money, and celebrity status. This year is no different. So, what do the movies have to offer this time around? We are looking at some of the sexiest stories, actors and actresses, and styles. Hoping for the best, and expecting some steaming scenes with some of the most talented actors around.

We bring you the the list of  12 Hottest Movies Coming in 2016

1. Warcraft


Take a nerdy role-playing game, add a script and some steamy actors, and you have a cocktail for the movie Warcraft. If you previously thought Orcs couldn’t be sexy, then you might be about to change your mind. No, Orcs was not a mistake. If you want proof see Paula Patton, who plays the character of Garona, a sexy half-orc half-draenei.  The premise of the movie is simple: orcs and humans unite to save their home from the brink of war. This movie is one of the first to see whether the transition from video game to movie will be a success.

Release date: June 10. Go grab your tickets

2. X-Men: The Apocalypse


 Whether you are a fan of the x-men movies already or just tuning in because you’re a loyal J-Law fan, X-Men: Apocalypse is a worthy start to the summer season of films. Why should you go see it? For a few reasons. We are super excited to see a new line up of characters and actors show off their talent. Of course, returning to the screen is James McAvoy as Professor Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. But what really is exciting is the introduction to younger versions of classic characters and their actors. Alexandra Shipp signs on as Storm (previously played by Halle Berry). Sophie Turner plays Jean Grey, Tye Sheridan joins the cast as Cyclops, and Oscar Issac is the new villain Apocalypse.

Release date: May 27th. Go grab your tickets!

3. Tarzan


Who wants to watch a half naked man swinging through the jungle? Me! Me! I mean why not? But, this remake isn’t just any ordinary remake of the famous 1999 film. It is a continuation of the story! Tarzan and his wife Jane Porter return to the jungle, but the Belgian Capitan Leon Rom has an alternative plan. With Margot Robbie as Jane Porter and Alexander Skarsgård as Tarzan, the film is bound to be a titillating adventure for sure. Let’s hope David Yates, who directed the last films of Harry Potter, is up to the challenge that this classic has in store.

Release date: July 1st

4. Ghostbusters


 July is really turning up the temperature as far as movies go. Nerdy-sexy seems to be a theme this year, but who send sexy and smart was mutually exclusive? Anyways, the all-female re-boot of Ghostbusters is gearing up to be a great direction for the movie. The main ensemble includes Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. But keep your pants on because the film also has appearances by the gorgeous Chris Hemsworth and original star Bill Murray.

Release date: July 15th

5. Star Trek Beyond


The original cast plus more are back in action! The next film follows the USS Enterprise as they adventure further into uncharted territory. Are you on team Kirk or team Spock? Team Chris Pine, Zachary Qunito or Zoe Saldana? If you haven’t decided then you might want to check out this film. Its predecessor Star Trek Into Darkness was somewhat disappointing, but we are hopeful that this film will be a turning point in the franchise.

Release date: July 22nd

6. Jason Bourne


Matt Damon. Is that not enough to convince you to go see it? Matt Damon, the actor famous for movies like The Departed, Good Will Hunting, and Saving Private Ryan returns to his role as Jason Bourne in the 5th film of the franchise.  For fans of the movie, it will hopeful answer some questions about the identity of the spy. And for the rest of us, well, we are just happy to sit back and watch the gorgeous man do his thing.

Release date: July 29th

7. Suicide Squad


The trailers have been teasing us for months with this bad-ass mix of punk and hardcore criminal villains. Everyone is especially anxious to see the gorgeous Margot Robbie (yes, same actor in Tarzan!) play the sexy punk that is Harley Quinn. Since this is the first time this character has made an appearance on the big screen, this is pretty much the only reason to go see it. But, it doesn’t stop there. Many are interested to see the smooth and good looking Jared Leto take on the role of the not so good looking Joker. How will he stand up to previous on-screen depictions of the character? From what the trailer has to offer, it looks like it is pretty much perfect.

Release date: August 5th

8. Ben-Hur


Jack Huston plays the main character, Judah Ben-Hur in the action movies Ben-Hur. There really is nothing better than some sexy revenge. Ben-Hur, a Jewish nobleman is falsely accused and forced into years of brutal slavery. He comes back to get revenge on the best friend that betrayed him. Acting alongside of Huston is Nazanin Boniadi as Esther, Marwan Kenzari as Druses, and Rodrigo Santoro as Jesus. It will be interesting to see how this Biblical setting and violent scenes play out on screen.

Release date: August 19th

9. Underworld: Blood Wars


Underworld: Blood Wars is the latest movie in the Underworld film series. The ever sexy Kate Beckinsale will once again return as Selene. It has been a long anticipated movie, since that last film to come out was way back in 2012. The outcome of this film come either be the beginning of a new chapter or the end of the series entirely.  Along with Beckinsale, Tobias Menzies and Theo James are some of the actors that will be interesting to see in these roles.

Release date: October 14th

10. Doctor Strange


When Benedict Cumberbatch is mentioned many will immediately be reminded of the short lived, but beloved Sherlock series. Cumberbatch, who also stared in the successful movie The Imitation Game, comes alive as Marvel’s Doctor Strange. He is kind of the perfect character to play the bearded, arrogant surgeon turned wiz-superhero. Cumberbatch is accompanied by the sizzling Rachel McAdams, who recently appeared in Spotlight and Chiwetel Ejiofor from 12 Years a Slave.

Release date: November 4th

11. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

rogue one

If you weren’t around for the re-emergence of the Star Wars franchise in 2015 then I suggest you go and catch up. But, you don’t necessarily have to in order to make sense of the new film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. First off, it is the first film to exist outside of J.J. Abrams‘ new trilogy. This movie takes place in-between Revenge of the Sith (Episode 3, Movie #6–I know it gets confusing) and Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode 4, Movie #1).  Felicity Jones takes on the leading role as Jyn Erso, the women who is on a mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. Hopefully the story and the actors meets our expectations.

Release date: December 16

12. Assassin’s Creed


Video gamers everywhere will be familiar with the  action-adventure game Assassin’s Creed. The nine-game series is set in fictional historical worlds and the main character is, obviously, an assassin. Following Warcraft, it will be interesting to see the transformation of the popular video game on the big screen. Once again, Michael Fassbender (Magneto from X-men) will take on the main character of Callum Lynch. The sexy fox that Fassbender is lends high hopes to this movie franchise. There is endless opportunities to make this film spectacular from the fights and stunts to the beautiful ancient cities. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Christmas to find out.

Release date: December 21st

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