Superman, Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, Storm – there are an incredible amount of seriously powerful superheroes that exist in comics. Though, with the ones that were just mentioned, they’re incredibly powerful no matter what they are wearing on their body. In contrast, for others there appears to be much more to a superhero than just his or her powers. Their costumes and their suits can also add extra abilities and strength they would otherwise not have.

But there are only a handful of these superhero suits and armors that truly stand out as powerful, stretching across both Marvel and DC comics. Lucky for you we’ve tracked down the 10 most powerful!

10. War Machine’s Suit


When Tony was battling alcoholism in the comics, he asked James “Rhodey” Rhodes to temporarily be Iron Man. Once he was able to put the booze down and finally pull himself together, Tony gave Rhodey his own superhero suit and he was called War Machine. In the suit, he is able to lift between 85-100 tons and he can use a powerful gatling gun strapped to his shoulder, with a rocket launcher on the other shoulder. If that was not enough, War Machine is equipped with Lasers, magnetism, repulsor rays and many of the capabilities that Iron Man’s suit is equipped with.

9. Blue Beetle’s Suit

blue beetle

The title of Blue Beetle, as well as the Blue Beetle Scarab, has been given to Ted Kord, Dan Garrett, and Jaime Reyes. But young Jaime has easily had the best version of the scarab and armor. Previously designed to be an alien weapon to interstellar conquerors, the scarab became the official artifact of the Blue Beetle legacy. On its own, the scarab can fly, absorb energy, and with Jaime it has a number of different capabilities. The scarab and Jaime are able to share their thoughts and emotions and the scarab sounds like Jaime’s mother when it speaks to him in his head.

It can track anything that produces energy, allow for superhuman strength and agility, and the armor can produce a temporary energy bubble around Jaime or anything nearby. The suit can produce wings allowing Jaime to fly and also double as shields. The scarab can create an energy cannon, a sword and shield, a grappling hook, an energy blaster, claws and powerful, sharp blades.

8. Cyborg’s Suit cyborg

Cyborg (Victor “Vic” Stone) is half man, half machine, possessing enhancements that give him superhuman strength, endurance, and durability. Technically, his robotic form is still a suit that has given him more power than he previously had as a normal human being. Vic is able to reshape various parts of his body into any number of different weapons – including a finger laser attachment, telescopic eyepiece, sonic disruptor, electric shockers, grappling hooks, and winches. Vic is able to lift anywhere from 15 to 20 tons and depending on what kind of upgrades he gets, he could probably lift more.

Batman and Cyborg even created a program called The Grid, which allows him to better manage the constant flow of uploading and downloading data he receives constantly. Vic is also able to interface with technology – an ability that’s referred to as technopathy.

7. Iron Spider


Peter Parker already has a memorable red and blue costume, but during the Civil Warevent years ago, his friend Tony Stark provided him with a brand new suit. Superheroes are battling one another, so Iron Man decides to give Spider-Man the Iron Spider – a suit that is red and gold and comes with a host of gadgets and technological components. Not only does it have a great visual look and style, but it came with pretty nice enhancements as well, like its three mechanical spider-arms protruding from Peter’s back.There was also a built-in fire/police/emergency scanner, a cloaking device, limited bulletproofing and a short-range GPS microwave communication system. It also grants Peter the ability to breathe underwater and the entire suit responds to mental control.

6. Black Panther’s Suit


T’Challa’s Black Panther suit is made from vibranium and though the look of it has changed over the years, its core capabilities have roughly stayed the same. Because of its vibranium microweave mesh, it absorbs vibrations and makes T’Challa pretty much invincible. It comes with Antarctic Vibranium-based “Anti-Metal” claws, and emits small energy blades and projectiles from the finger-tips. The long black cloak can completely cover T’Challa’s body and make him invisible or allow itself to pass as normal street clothes. We didn’t get to really see what his suit was capable of in Captain America: Civil War, but we’ll no doubt get a much better glimpse of that in his solo film.

5. The Thrasher Suit


Bruce Wayne has altered his Batsuits plenty of times, but he outdid himself with the Thrasher suit. Bruce Wayne utilized this armor in issues 8 and 9 of Batman (Volume 2) while trying to defend the Batcave from a gang of Talons. But, very typically of Bruce, the suit is still designed with the classic Bat ears on top of the helmet. The suit is made of meta-aramid fibers, created of Batman’s own design, which happens to be tougher than Kevlar. The Thrasher Suit is also built to withstand burning heat and blistering cold temperatures as low as the Arctic winter (take that Mr.Freeze!). It employs a semi-solid flow micro battery and comes equipped with enough oxygen to last for weeks. Clearly this was built to sustain battle in the most inhospitable places on the planet.

4. The Hulkbuster


Everyone should remember seeing this classic Iron Man suit from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Obviously, as the name suggests, the suit was constructed specifically for Hulk were he ever to completely flip out and become unstoppable. This armor first made its debut in the comics in issue #304 of Iron Man, with Tony having made it for the purpose of hand-to-hand combat with the Hulk. This first iteration of the armor was built with impact-resistant carbon-composites and a magno-hydraulic pseudo-musclature – seemingly something made up – rated at 175 tons. With the suit,  Tony is able to go toe-to-toe in a pretty lengthy battle with the Jolly Green Giant, so you better believe that is strong enough to warrant mentioning.

3. ‘Dark Knight Returns’ Armor


This is one of the most iconic pieces of superhero armor that exists within the DC universe and was created by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. Superman is ordered by the president to stop Batman – even though he’s made Gotham the safest city in the country – and Batman is well-prepared. So to take on the Man of Steel, Bruce builds himself a brand new suit durable enough to withstand a fist-to-fist fight. With the help of a one-armed Oliver Queen firing off a Kryptonite arrow, Bats is able to defeat Supes. This armor also made its cinematic debut this year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – and it looks much cooler in the film than it does in the comic.

2. Doctor Doom’s Mystical Armor


Doom is a supervillain and not a superhero so while he technically may not qualify for this list, his armor certainly does. Doctor Doom’s regular armor is a nuclear-powered battle suit, that is also computer-assisted, and was magically forged Tibetan monastery. It also helps to make Doctor Doom look like one of the baddest and coolest characters in the Marvel universe. But his Mystical Armor is something else entirely. In order to obtain it, Doom killed the only woman he loved and took the skin off of her bones to make the leather used in his superhero armor. Doom is one evil, evil man and this suit is the perfect embodiment of that.

1. Bleeding Edge Armor

bleeding edge

 The Bleeding Edge Armor is what made Iron Man one of the most powerful superheroes. This incredible armor allowed him to go up against the mighty Thor and it helped him completely knock out the Red Hulk. Instead of being powered by his arc reactor, it’s powered by something that has been described as a man-made star. What’s really special about this armor is that it is made up entirely of Nano-Machines, all kept inside Tony’s body. With mental command, he is able to activate the armor and allow it to manifest across his entire body. The Nano-Machines can transform into any type of structure Tony can think of. While using the suit, Tony has access to repulsors, a uni-beam, pulse bolts, tasers, as well as an energy blade.