The Love Syndrome

It Can Happen to Anyone.. This Rare Phenomenon Can Hit You When You Lease Expect..

Being able to fall in love with a girl is very powerful.

To achieve this, you must make a big jump from one that is being mechanically-driven, to one that is emotionally-driven.

While you can rely on lines and routines, this will only get you so far with women. They are training wheels that lack authenticity. Even customized stock stories that you tell over and over again have their limitation. You have to be in the moment. Have you ever been talking to a girl in a bar, and wondering, “Is this where insert x line, story, or routine?” We all have. But this type of game has a ceiling.

Being able to fall in love very quickly with a girl does not come naturally. However, it is something you can cultivate. Then you are instead driven by feelings, and what you say actually starts to make sense. For example, “You have an incredible smile.” A girl can tell if that was because you were truly inspired by her smile, or it is just something you thought you had to say in the moment, pre-rehearsed. More powerfully, you can whisper in her ear, “You are turning me on.” If she actually is turning you on, this will hit a lot harder.

How quickly can and should you fall in love with a girl? If she is into you as soon as you start talking to her, try to find out quickly. However, many girls fall into the middle range, those that are not sure yet about you, but could be convinced. Try to find one thing about her that she likes. This can be extremely simple. This could be her eyes, her hair, her smile, that she knows how to flirt, her sense of humour, the way she dresses, the way she stands, the way she looks at you, her eye contact, where she’s from, or even just her name. But find something, then latch onto that one thing and amplify it as much as you can. If you can then convince yourself that you like this girl, then your game can go on autopilot; now you can run on your emotions. For most girls, you will find more things you like about them, particularly the more time you spend with her. If she has more than one checkmark, then you will really start to like her; this is a very good thing.

Symptoms of the Love Syndrome

A) The most common presenting feature is throbbing pain in the heart often described by the patient as sweet pain.

B) Loss of appetite.

C) Sleeplessness

D) Daydreaming

E) Disinterest in any type of work. There is a danger of patient being transformed into a poet.

Clear Signs

A) Very much dilated pupil (In search of his sweet heart).
B) Blushing of cheeks (mainly seen in girls).
C) On Auscultation: The First Heart Sound is heard as LOVE instead of LUB.
D) Smiling to self.

Admittedly there is a spectrum with utter disdain on one end, and “I [insert expletive] love you” on the other. It is the hot and the cold, the push and the pull. At this one end, you feel so needy. At the other end, you come across as mechanical and robotic. You are just going through the motions. In this case, you are doing both yourself and the girl a disservice. Make sure you are somewhere in between, that you have some sort of feelings for her. You want to build chemistry, and that special connection.

The advantage of falling in love with that special girl is that your body language or sub communications will be natural to a much greater extent. When what you say and how you come across as is aligned and congruent, she knows you are someone she can trust, and hopefully a lot more. When they are not, this is when you come across as creepy.

So next time you are chatting up that cutie at the bar, she might be that special someone you been looking for.

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