How To Deal With Approach Anxiety

If I had to identify one question I get asked the most by single guys, it’d certainly be “What’s the best way to ask someone out?”. And if I...
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If I had to identify one question I get asked the most by single guys, it’d certainly be “What’s the best way to ask someone out?”. And if I had to identify the question most asked by single girls, it’d be “Why won’t he ask me out?”

Have you ever been in situation where you spotted a beautiful girl , and your brain was screaming as loud as it could talk to her!! Yet, you start conjuring up countless excuses why you shouldn’t approach her. You start playing different scenarios in your heads and start coming up with witty things to say to start the conversation. Instead, you just end up staring at her and creep her out. Before you know it ‘poof’, she is gone.

Guess what gentlemen ? There is no magic pick up line that will instantly make a girl fall for you. It’s simply taking a leap of faith and seizing the opportunity. Adapt the mindset that each time you do not try is also a form of failure.

Let me start by saying that regardless of age, race or religion: majority of men often face something called “Approach Anxiety” or “Fear of Rejection” . It  happens even to the best of us.

Sure, here in my comfy chair behind my laptop computer, it’d be easy for me to make fun of those “testicularly challenged” males, but the truth is, most guys suffer from some level of approach anxiety – ranging from minor to “pant-peeing” – when dealing with women.

Yes, even this author was, at one time, a victim. Feelings of intimidation and insecurity may overwhelm us and ultimately cause us to freeze up — and for many, the fear of failure is enough to keep us from taking a chance on pursuing a potential partner.

Well, for those gentlemen still suffering: you’re looking at it all wrong. You’ve got to embrace that fear and wear it like armor!

It may sound absurd, but while a rejection may feel like an immediate disappointment, each failure you chalk up is another feather in your cap. Not only does every failure brings you experience to know what not to do next time (“I guess ladies DON’T like being asked the same generic interview questions …”).

“Hi, How is it going?”

“Whats your name ?”

“You are beautiful”

“What do you do for work ?”

“Where do you live?”

Keep the conversation more engaging and fun. Differentiate yourself from countless guys asking the same questions. Each interaction is actually building you up for future success.  Learn to adapt and be more creative, you will come to realize you really have nothing to lose but much more to gain.

Each time you conquer your fear of rejection, brings you closer to becoming immune to the outcome.One day you can look back and laugh at the times you couldn’t even say hi  and start a conversation with women you were attracted to. So it’s time to get over that approach anxiety!




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