Art of Seduction: 4 Most Dangerous Seduction Characters

There is not a man around that has not longed for the chance to obtain every woman he sees. The problem is, the art of seduction takes time to...

There is not a man around that has not longed for the chance to obtain every woman he sees. The problem is, the art of seduction takes time to master.

Only a few has proven as Casanovas or Don Juans of our time. Deep down, every man wants to feel powerful and skilled at seducing women.  A beautiful woman can bring us to our knees and even in history, the affection of one woman have started wars and even brought down great empires.

The art of seduction comes down to few key components; it is all about raw sexual attraction and control. Knowing these seduction characters, will give you a head start. Use them with caution and at your own disposal…

The Empathizer

We all gripe and then complain regarding the emotions a woman has, it appears whenever we turn around they are close to tears or upset. The fact is, they typically aren’t, and we must understand women are emotional beings.  As the famous saying goes, “Her feelings can change as often as the wind”.

What you have to do is analyze her feelings and then play off of them. Listen to what’s bothering her, empathize and offer her a compromise or a solution. The more you take control of these given situations, the more sexual attraction you will build. In most cases, she just wants to someone to listen to her and give her comfort.  To become “The Emphatizer”: be her knight in shining armor.

The qualities of an empathizer (in terms of seductive powers) are:

Being a good listener – Listen more than you talk

The Savior – Always have a compromise or solution

Adaptability – Analyse and adapt to her changing emotions


The Ideal Lover

Everywhere you look online; you will find countless articles with tips for a better sex life, better relationships and better ways to seduce women. More often than not, you will end up purchasing products that never really works.  The truth is, there is a simpler seduction technique you must learn. You will encounter many different kinds of women.  The most important thing is understanding who are you are up against. Hence “The Ideal Lover”:  To become this character, you must study your object of desire, find out what’s lacking in her life and offer it. This takes time, patience, attention to detail and perhaps a denial of self-importance that not all people are capable of. Make her feel elevated, lofty, spiritual, and your power over her will be limitless. The Ideal Lover reflects her romantic fantasy.

The qualities of an ideal lover (in terms of seductive powers) are:

Being humble – adoring the object of his attention and yet seeming surprised when that attention is returned

Anticipation – being in the right place at the right time, with the right comment on the tip of his tongue.

 Absorbed – to be interested in anything and everything to do with his lover

A longing – to be with his lover, as reflected by his reluctant leave taking.


The Rake aka “The Player”

The most dangerous and fun character to play.  The “rake” is a master of seduction and his unrestrained pursuit is enough to stir many a woman’s suppressed longings. Women often lead deeply repressed and controlled lives, the rake offers them excitement and pleasure.  The modern term is “the player”; in able to unlock this character you must possess a strong alpha male personality.  A risk taker and non-apologetic sense of persona. Women are naturally drawn to men that are wanted by other women.  There must be an aura of danger and thrill that surrounds you. Unpredictability is your greatest asset.  You must go for whatever you desire with no retreat or fear of consequence. To you there are no boundaries or limitations.   Never worry about going too far: the essence is you are willing to go further than anyone else

The qualities of a rake (in terms of seductive powers) are:

Fearless – limitations does not exist, just challenge

Leader – the alpha male persona attracts both men and women

Unpredictable– there is a sense of danger, not knowing what to expect

Untameable – many women tries to tame the ‘rake’, but unable to do so

The Natural

The essence of “the natural” is childlike and playful, making women fall for his boyish charm and do anything for him. Root out the fear and awkwardness that has built up in you over the years, become more graceful with your approach and less defensive when others seem to resist. Learn to play with your image, never taking it too seriously. The key is to infuse your play with the convention and feeling of a child, making it seem natural. The more absorbed you seem in your own joy-filled world, the more seductive you become. Do not go halfway: make the fantasy you inhabit as radical and exotic as possible, and you will attract attention like a magnet. Do not worry about offending people now and then – you are too loveable and inevitably they will forgive you

The qualities of a natural (in terms of seductive powers) are:

Innocence– childlike and unattached

Playful – fun and always looking for more entertainment

Loveable – even after making mistakes, people look past it


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