9 Proven, Mind-Blowing Secret Techniques You Can Use To Last Longer in Bed

CAUTION: Mastering These Secrets Will Make Her Want You Again, And Again...

It doesn’t matter how hot your are. Missy Elliott was right: No woman wants a “One Minute Man.”

One of the biggest male anxieties revolves around sex and sexual performance. Masculinity, after all, is defined in no small part by one’s sexuality. This is especially true when it comes to sexual endurance.

A new sex study “Canadian and American Sex Therapists’ Perceptions of Normal and Abnormal Ejaculatory Latencies: How Long Should Intercourse Last?” states the average romp lasts anywhere from three to seven minutes. You’d think the Canadians would go longer, since it’s so cold up there… But whatever, them’s the numbers.Want to keep her revved up and ready for more? The “hard” truth is, she needs you to last longer in bed. Master these

9 proven techniques to increase your performance between the sheets. Pretty soon, she’ll be begging for the next round:

1) Slooowwww Dowwwwn

Easy there jackrabbit, why the rush? Instead using the fast-paced style of an amateur… Take. Your. Time. Sex at a slower pace will not only help you last longer but will also lead to a more connected experience with your partner.Girls love to connect- not just by inserting your “plug” into her “outlet.” So chill out, this isn’t a race. As the saying goes, enjoy the ride. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually get to your destination.

2) Don’t Go “Balls Deep”

Sure, if you’re mining for gold, then get that money deep down. But since we’re talking about sex here, the goal is to not always be drilling deep for ore. If you feel that continued deep thrusting will bring on an orgasm too quickly, ease up on the hardware. Try penetrating only the lower portion of her “outlet” —in other words, take more shallow thrusts. Try alternating between shallow and deep thrusts . Doing this can make you last longer, makes her crave you more, and makes the experience more fun for you both.

3) Get Circumcised (If Not Already)

Yeah we know, weilding anything knife like down there puts terror in our heart. But check out this sharp study: The Journal of Adult Urology published a study in 2004, revealing circumcised men took longer to ejaculate after they got a circumcision* as an adult. Why? Because there’s a delay in ejaculation due to the circumcision lessening  sensitivity. So apparently no matter how you slice it, “better late than never” is a real thing, including getting a circumcision. *We know you’re ballsy, but dude! Don’t try this at home- seek professional help

4) Learn How To Do Kegel Exercises (Seriously)

Pelvic floor (kegel) exercises aren’t just for women or people with bladder problems. Kegels can help treat men with premature ejaculation, or just to slow down your “delivery of goods.” These PC (pubococcygeus) muscles are the ones that stretch from the urinary sphincter to the anus. Ha! We said anus and sphincter in the same sentence. How to do kegel exercies? When you’re urinating, try stopping the flow. Three sets of fifteen reps per day should strengthen your PC muscles tremendously, ensuring you’re literally built to last. Plus, we know you want more muscle… Gains bro!

5) Time Out: Press The Pause Button

When you’re having sex and want to last a little longer, try the “pause” technique. When you stop sex and start again, it allows yourself to cool down before getting going again, thus delaying ejaculation. Just like halftime at the game, your player needs to recharge. Use this chill time to kiss without touching, gaze into each other’s eyes, or finish that sandwich she made yo- whoops, we mean, give each other sensual massages.

6) Give Her Mission Control

Truth is, sex can be exhausting (when you do it right.) It’s definitely a sweaty, cardiovascular activity you can be proud of if you didn’t hit the gym today. But if you feel closer to launch time and need a break, let her be the captain and mount your rocket. With your girl on top, she can control the variation in speed and thrusts, and blast off however she likes. Sure enough Apollo, you too will have liftoff.

7) Don’t Use Drugs Kids

Ok not to sound like an after school special, but unless you’re dealing with chronic premature ejaculation or your doctor gives you blue pills… you shouldn’t take any sort of chemical assistance when it comes to lasting longer in bed. Some doctors will even prescribe low doses of SSRI’s to treat premature ejaculation. SSRIs like Zoloft can make it difficult to reach orgasm, sometimes making it impossible. Stay clear of any drugs in your system so that you can take control of your body.

8) Play More Games

Wait, wait- NO. Put down the Xbox controller and pay attention. That’s not what we mean. Playing sex games, like sensual dice or board games you can find at adult stores, will help keep your mind off the “end results” and more focused on just having fun. The stimulus will naturally build sexual tension between you and your partner. When it’s time, you’ll enjoy a playful and passionate romp with each other.

9) Foreplay Is A Necessity

A large part of the anxiety surrounding coming too quickly is the idea that it renders you physically incapable of pleasing her. After all, how are you supposed to give a woman orgasm after mind-blowing orgasm if the best you can manage is a couple minutes? Most women can not climax without mental and clitoral stimulation. Focus on foreplay to get her revved up when it’s time to “do the deed” and she’ll want you again and again.

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