5 Reasons Women Are Not Attracted to A Nice Guy

Art of Seduction: Series 1

Since the dawn of time, men have been known as the provider. It has become an expectation and the norm! Spending your hard earned money buying her drinks in clubs, showering her with gifts and paying for everything to win her affection. And always wondering why she is not attracted to you or why your not getting laid.

Is it fair ? Hell no…

If this is you, you’ve fallen into the category called “the nice guy.” Someone she can ask in the middle of night to pick her up, drive her places, go out and buy her expensive dinners, or at a whim attend to her needs with no real intent in developing anything with you, other than being friends.

Savvy and beautiful women tend to keep at least a couple of this guys around at their beck and call. Why you ask? Simple, because she can. And the more attractive she is, the more choices she has to select from. She’s been approached by countless guys in bars and clubs with the same lame pick up lines:

What’s your name? 

Do you come here often?

What’s your background?

How old are you?

Oh! You’re beautiful baby… Can I get your number?

Maybe she’s lost count how many times she’s been asked the same generic questions and would actually give her fake? number just to make the guy go away.

Oh yes. I’ve done my fair share of “research” and have had countless women admit to this.

Buddy, it’s time for a reality check… Gain some more swagger and keep your cash intact! Here’s 5 simple tips how to flip the switch, and say goodbye to the “nice guy…”

Tip #1. Become A Challenge

Women are attracted to men who are not a push over and a real challenge. Why?  It’s human nature to want what you can’t have. A complete opposite of ‘Mr. Nice Guy’

What you used to do: Yes to everything

What you need to do: Learn to say NO, and make her work for it. And dude, stop apologizing for everything.


Tip #2. Lead

Women are naturally attracted to the alpha male, the one willing to take lead and not ask for permission to do anything.  It’s a clear sign of strength and will seperate you from the average joes constantly trying to buy her attention with money. No matter how strong she is. She is always looking for someone strong enough to lead her.

What you used to do: Ask for permission and her approval

What you need to do: Lead and take her for an adventure. Women love that you can show her dominance and prowess. It could be as simple as grabbing her hands and leading her to another place.


Tips #3. Don’t Try Too Hard

The number one symptom  of a ‘nice guy’ is trying to hard. Constantly, trying to please everyone in hopes that they will be more liked. Well guess what this doesn’t work. It builds zero attraction and you will end up landing in the friend zone. It could be a simple habit of paying for everything or going out of your way to drive someone home when they can simply take a cab.

What you used to do: Pay for everything

What you need to do: Wait. And see if she at least will offer to pay or split the tab.  Change your habits of always trying to please everyone.


Tip #4. Be Unpredictable

We live in society that is bounded by many rules and regulations. The best example is a job. There is always something exciting about the element of surprise. It pays to be unpredictable and keep her guessing what will come next. It increases her attracted and builds curiosity about you.

What you used to do: Take her on routine dates such as a dinner and movie

What you need to do: Be creative and surprise her. If she asks just let her know to trust that she’ll have a good time.


Tip #5. Take A Chance And Don’t Hesitate

The biggest roadblock for most guys is overthinking. They will conjure up one hundred different scenarios and imagine the end result even before trying to make a move.

Guess what? You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Just change your mindset that each situation will work to your advantage. If you want her, take a chance and do not even think twice. A real man goes after what he wants.

What you used to do: Overthink the situation and convince yourself not to do it. It could be as simple as walking up to beautiful girl and saying hi or kissing her for the first time.

What you need to do: Just take action and get your answer. Regardless of the outcome you will find out the end result.

Stop being Mr. Nice Guy . Follow these simple tips and see massive improvement.


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